For many years, with passion I have created accessories for central vacuum system. I know that among many advantages of this system, the problem is unfolding, folding and storing of the vacuum (suction) hose. Inspired by this problem, I set on creating a device called LEO TWIST. It stands out with its innovative solutions, friendliness and aesthetics.

LEO TWIST is intended for storing a vacuum hose, its rapid unfolding before vacuuming, and, consequently, folding it once the job is finished.

This appliance is composed of: a suction hose roller, a roller socket and a handgrip with lock mechanism. The entire set is hidden in a housing to be either wall-mounted or mounted inside furniture.

How does LEO TWIST work?

When you want to vacuum, open the roller socket flap using the button. The flap opens automatically. From the roller socket, extend as much of the hose as you need, and the hose locks itself smoothly. At this point, the vacuum cleaner is turned on (central unit). Next, you need to connect the hose to the handgrip using the quick release coupling, and attach the vacuum kit. The device is now operational.

You can stop the vacuum cleaner by releasing the lock or without it by pressing the on/off switch in the roller socket. For the vacuum cleaner to work properly, two switches must be enabled: one inside the roller drum, the other in the roller socket. Disabling any one of them stops the entire device. Folding the vacuum hose is very smooth. After releasing the lock, the hose folds automatically on the roller drum. Lastly, close the roller socket flap.

LeoTwist  –  an international medal winner


Gold Medal at the Inpex Trade Show
for New Inventions & Product Ideas,
Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) – USA 2017
Gold Medal from the Chinese Association
of Innovators CAI Award Invention and Innovation from China Association of Inventions 2017
Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) – USA 2017
Bronze Medal at 116th International
Inventions Fair “Concours Lépine”
Paris – France 2017
Gold Medal at the 20th Moscow
International Fair for Inventions and Innovative Technologies “Archimedes 2017”
Moscow, Russian Federation – 2017
Special Award, Gold Medal at the International
Exhibitions of Inventions “International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies – New Time”
Moscow, Russian Federation – 2017
Gold Medal at the 68th International
Fair “Ideas, Inventions, New Products” iENA
Nuremberg, Federal Republic of Germany – 2017
Special Award for the Innovator
from the Research Institute for Inventions, Innovation and Network Management - ERiNet
Nuremberg, Federal Republic of Germany – 2017


Watch the Leo Twist video


Download installation instructions

   Instructions for installing Leo Twist in furniture

   Instructions for installing Leo Twist in a wall

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